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Alternative Pathways Online Option

JHS Alternative Pathways by Jefferson Webmaster

Welcome to our Jefferson High School Alternative Pathways Program:

The Alternative Pathways Program has been established to provide students a different option than a traditional high school model.  The goal of Jefferson High School is to ensure we prepare all students for graduation and for all students to have a choice of post-secondary options.

The Alternative Pathways program is part of Jefferson High School and students who enroll in Pathways are Jefferson High School students.  We will provide not only support to meet academic goals but also work with students to explore careers and interests.  Our counselor will partner with both parents/guardians and students to develop a graduation plan, and our Alternative Pathways teacher will regularly meet and work with students on meeting their goals. 

We are excited for this opportunity to build a program to support the individual needs of students that support them in earning their Jefferson high school diploma.

VISION: For each student, a joy of learning is fostered, a positive vision for their future is nurtured. Each student is valued, and their physical, emotional, and social needs are supported.

MISSION: We will prepare all students to successfully navigate their transition to life beyond high school by providing qualified, rigorous instruction, providing a safe environment, and fostering a culture of student learning.

We look forward to a successful 2023-2024  school year. As always, you can contact us with any questions or concerns.


Thank you.
Your Jefferson High School Administrative Team
Laura Pierce-Cummings
(541) 327-3337 ext. 1249